WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best Selling Vape Juice

VaporFi is home to a huge selection of e-liquid and vape juice blends. These best sellers feature some of the most imaginative and exciting flavors to hit the market, while allowing you to customize your blend with extra shots of your favorite flavors to make them even more powerful.
VaporFi is home to a huge selection of e-liquid and vape juice blends. These best sellers feature some of the most imaginative and exciting flavors to hit the market, while allowing you to customize your blend with extra shots of your favorite flavors to make them even more powerful. It doesn't matter if you're a fruit fan or into more traditional flavor profiles, our best sellers list has something for everybody.
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Recently, our team at VaporFi reviewed sales data from the past year to identify which of our vape juices are best sellers. Each of these vape juices are purchased often because they have what it takes to keep customers coming back time and time again. Whether you’re looking for a classic throwback to old-fashioned cigarettes or something that tastes like your favorite dessert, this collection of vape juice best sellers has it all.

The variety in our best vape juice line-up is representative of a larger phenomenon: it seems that the vaping community can’t quite agree on the best e-juice on the market. In fact, we can’t even agree on the best type of flavor – sweet, savory, smoky, or refreshing. Much like asking a group of people what their favorite food is, if you ask a group of vapers about their favorite e-juice, you’re going to get a huge variety of answers.

However, the huge differences in opinions about vape juices and flavors is one of the things that making vaping so much fun. You can literally try tens of thousands of flavors, changing up your experience every time, and decide for yourself which you like best.

For now, we’ve rounded up our ten best-sellers to give you a head start on your sampling streak.

  1. Make Your Own Custom Vape Juice: Perhaps not surprisingly, our most popular vape juice isn’t a singular flavor or type at all. Actually, it’s our Custom Vape Juice tool, which allows you to craft a personal blend of all your flavor favorites. Choose up to three flavors to incorporate in your juice and create something totally unique. Maybe you’ll layer coffee, caramel, and vanilla to recreate the flavor of a sweet caramel latte topped with whipped cream. Or, perhaps you’ll create something inspired by a sweet dessert, like pairing chocolate and berry for a chocolate-dipped strawberry taste. With this custom vape juice service, it’s totally up to you.
  2. Menthol Freeze Vape Juice: The powerfully refreshing flavor of menthol in this juice will give you a pleasant burst of energy and heighten your senses. This juice is especially popular with former menthol cigarette smokers, because it captures all of the icy flavor they love.
  3. Classic Tobacco Vape Juice: If you’re a traditionalist at heart, the classic tobacco vape juice is right up your alley. It manages to embody the smoky essence of tobacco, resulting in a delicious vapor that’s sure to satisfy.
  4. Mighty Menthol Vape Juice: It’s minty fresh and full of menthol flavor, and this juice is a classic that customers can’t get enough of. You’ll leave your vape session feeling invigorated and refreshed, thanks to the crisp taste of this juice.
  5. Vape Juice Sampler 3-Pack: We know how hard it is to decide between flavors, which is why we created the Sampler 3-Pack. You can pick three different flavors, and we’ll send you sample-sized bottles so you can decide if they deserve a perminent spot on your favorites list.
  6. Sahara Gold Tobacco Vape Juice: Inspired by the ancient tobacco blend, this vape juice gives you the option to go with a single shot of flavor, or really turn it up add another kick.
  7. American Red Tobacco Vape Juice: The American Red Tobacco juice is a throwback to the classic tobacco flavors that would have been enjoyed by the wildest of the Wild West gunslingers. It’s smooth, smoky, and everything you could want in a juice.
  8. VaporFi GRND RSRV Catch Ya Latte (60mL): The Catch Ya Latte juice is the perfect way to start your morning, with notes of espresso, steamed milk, caramel and crushed hazelnuts. Plus, you can dial the nicotine level up or down to match your personal preferences.
  9. VaporFi Joosylicious Vape Juice (100mL): Remember that fruity bubblegum that you loved so much as a kid? That’s exactly what the Joosylicious Vape Juice tastes like, with a blend of strawberry, watermelon and kiwi and the perfect bubblegum flavor to tie it all together.
  10. VaporFi Deep Fried Apple Pie (100mL): All of your state fair dreams can come true with the Deep Fried Apple Pie juice, which is just as deliciously decadent as it sounds. The flavors of tart green apple, cinnamon sugar, and perfectly crispy deep-fried pie crust can be tasted in every last drop of this tasty blend.

Whether you’re looking to add a few new flavors to your juice collection or you’re just stocking up on an old favorite, VaporFi should be your first and last stop. Our flavors, prices and customer service can’t be beat by anyone else in the industry and are the reason we’ve built such a loyal customer base – we’ve earned it.

Plus, with VaporFi, you can enjoy shopping for new juices without feeling like you’re draining your wallet. We offer a constantly changing assortment of flash deals, with an entire section devoted to bargain-priced juices. Sign up for our auto-delivery and rewards programs, and you’ll really be racking up the savings.

Browse our collection of top-selling juices, and find out for yourself why these juices have established such a loyal following.