VaporFi Cloud Chasers

Cloud chasing has gotten more popular than ever as of late, so much so, there are even competitions being held. Seriously. Some call it “stunt vaping” and others know it as blowing clouds; no matter what you call it, it involves hardcore vape machinery, e-juice that goes heavy on the VG, and for the one who blows the biggest cloud, it can result in cash prizes and other rewards; no joke!

So, why are sub ohm clouds so incredibly sought after at the moment? Well, it could be for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they look awesome, feel awesome, add a new level of excitement to vaping, and they make vaping extra fun!

Hey, hobbies are hobbies, and who’s to knock someone’s love of building the perfect setup, tweaking it to their exact desires, and getting results that equate to cumulonimbus status? In this industry, no one!

So, are you interested in partaking in this oh-so-interesting pastime? Here’s what you’re going to need, and the very basics of what’s involved to start blowing some massive clouds!

  • Safety: Don’t compromise on your battery; it’s perhaps the most important part of your device and build. Always use a battery made for vaping with mods, and above all, is within the recognized safety standards.
  • Airflow Control: Set your airflow accordingly. The lower the resistance, the more airflow you’ll need. If you have too much air, clouds will be thinner.
  • VG >PG: Higher VG concentration in your juice creates thicker, heavier clouds.
  • The Right Machine: You need a mod made to handle it; go after a sub ohm-capable device made for low resistance coils.
  • Get an RDA, like the VaporFi Volt
  • Hands-On: Experiment and find your own technique. It will take some practice, some trial and error, but you’ll get the hang of it! Before you know it, you’ll be blowing mega clouds like the rest of them!