Can you feel it? There’s excitement brewing in the air, something new and incredible has just been sighted over the horizon – Solace Vapor’s nic salt e-liquids have arrived here at VaporFi!
We are excited to introduce the one-of-a-kind Solace Salts collection to our e-juice catalog, and with them, we are excited to be offering – for the first time ever, we might add – nicotine salt e-juice!

What is Nic Salts?

Salt nicotine (also called salt nic or nic salt) is a chemical compound that naturally exists in tobacco. While traditional freebase e-liquids offer a more intense nicotine experience, they have a harsher, more irritating throat feel than salt nic thanks to a higher pH value.
Salt nic, however, has organic acid compounds within it that lower the pH value to something more balanced. This more neutral pH value makes for a smoother, gentler feel that’s reminiscent of traditional tobacco products.
Nic salts are therefore a unique way to enjoy a higher nicotine strength in your e-liquid, without having a harsher throat hit. It’s a popular choice for beginner vapers or those who want that higher nicotine strength as well as a smooth intake.
There is a caveat, in that nic salts should only be used in pod mods and low-wattage devices, as they’re not designed for higher-performance mods. For most individuals, however, an easy to use pod system and a smooth nic salt vape juice is a perfect choice for their entry into vaping.
Better still, nic salts allow you to enjoy a rich, smooth vaping experience while also savoring a variety of vape juice flavors.
Whether you’re after the taste of classic tobacco, refreshing mango, or a blast of crisp mint, nic salt e-liquid flavors come in all varieties – especially when crafted by the innovators at Solace Vapor.


Solace Creamy Butterscotch

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Solace Nic Salt Category is Vaporfi’s new Nic Salt Collection

Since 2015, Solace has been passionate in their approach to develop satisfying nicotine vaping, and their Solace, Solace Black, and Salty Man e-juices live up to that dedication to quality and cutting-edge technology. With flavors to please vapers of all stripes, Solace is ready to redefine the vaping industry.
The Solace line offers an incredible range of delicious vape juices for you to savor. The Solace line offers a medley of delicious nic salt vape juice, from Bold Tobacco and creamy Butterscotch to sweet Lemonade and rich Vanilla Bean.


Solace Lemonade

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With a balanced PG/VG ratio for smooth flavor and thick vapor, Solace salt e-liquids are a fantastic way to enjoy top-quality nic salt vaping. If you’re feeling like you want something a little more luxurious, the Solace Blackline offers an upgrade on classic flavors.


Solace Black Purple Frost

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  • Dance in the ocean spray of Sea Salt Blueberry. Want to kick back with a fruity, feeling-good vibe?

Solace Black Purple Frost

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The Salty Man e-liquids are a perfect summertime treat, with unique blends like:

Solace Salty Man Kacti Kooler

Buy Solace Salty Man Kacti Kooler


Solace Salty Man Fruit Blast Ice

Buy Solace Salty Man Fruit Blast Ice


Solace Salty Man Purple Reign

Buy Solace Salty Purple Reign


These unique and limited-edition flavors are a must-have from the Solace collection.
Whatever your style, the Solace Salts e-juice is a fantastic way to enjoy rich nic salt vaping. Fill your favorite pod mod and enjoy vaping that’s smoother than ever before, right here at VaporFi.
Head on over and check out our incredible nic salt e-liquid blends today!


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