Vaping has been around long enough now that there are a few terms that have become part of the jargon like ‘vape it forward’. Whether you’re just starting out or have been vaping for some time, you’ve more than likely heard this term. Getting started is easy and fun once you know how and understand what the term means and how to use it. It will give you another way to use an electronic cigarette gift set from our store.

First things first as they say, you’ll need to understand exactly what you to do so you can purchase a VaporFi gift card from our store and vape it forward to someone that needs it. Remember, getting involved is an important part of the vaping community.

Simply put, vaping it forward is all about sharing. It’s all about sharing the equipment and vape juice with folks who want to get involved, but have never had the chance get to see how exciting vaping actually is. You’ll be giving them the chance to see how much fun it is to be part of the larger community that starts right here at VaporFi. Vaping it forward is all about charity, education and recycling. It’s a great way to bring new people into the vaping fold and even encourage traditional smokers who are looking for a way to kick the habit. If you’re curious for a number of reasons, vaping it forward is a great way to get started and get involved with a great community where there’s always something new to learn and enjoy.

Ways to Get Started.

There are lots of ways for you to become a vape it forward expert so someone on the other end gets the full benefit of some new or used equipment and ready to go e-juice. One of the most popular ways is passing these things along in person. Have you ever noticed a co-worker who is puffing away on a cigarette at break time sneaking glances at you as you vape in the smoking area? There’s not a better time to start up a conversation and maybe even let them try out your electronic cigarette. They’ll be amazed by the clean pleasant aroma because our customer e-liquids are always made fresh here at Vaporfi.

Because vaping is such a personal experience and we have new stores opening weekly, an inventory of ones already up and running and online options, a VaporFi gift card might be the perfect way to vape it forward. These are an excellent way to introduce family, friends and co-workers. Vaping it forward this way also allows them to choose from the cool apparel we offer so they feel even better about fitting in.

Online is another great way to get started vaping it forward. Since it’s the way that many of us communicate with each other these days, you can look at social media to see if there are any vaping groups where you live. You can look for a group that specializes in vaping it forward and look for someone who might not have the cash for vaping. That’s where an electronic cigarette gift set would be the perfect gift. The Pro II Starter Kit in Color from VaporFi is the perfect beginning for those that are just starting out. It provides a colorful selection for newbies learning how much fun vaping can be.
Simple Ideas on how to vape it forward

There are a few guidelines that make it easy and fun for everyone who wants to get involved. It’s considered good manners in the vaping world to make sure any equipment you forward is in good working order so that the people getting it have the best first impression of what they’re in store for. For example, it’s a great idea to make sure the battery on any vaporizer that you’re planning on giving away is in good working order. This rechargeable battery is the power plant for the entire unit and the 350 mAh battery we have at VaporFi is even reduced for clearance.

Remember that if you decide to go with an electronic cigarette gift set, you’ll want to be sure none of the e-liquids you pass along have gone past their Use BY dates. That’s another great reason to go with a VaporFi gift card so someone can have a great time selecting something from our 30,000 options where no two custom blends are the same.

The VaporFi gift card and other good ideas

There are lots of good ideas to think about when you’re considering vaping it forward. First and foremost, you’ll be passing along the great experience of vaping to someone who might not otherwise have had the chance. It’s a good deed that will make you feel great, especially if you’re helping a smoker to kick the nicotine habit. However, here are few precautions you need to take if you’re sending the interested person the vaping materials through the mail.

For example, batteries need to be properly protected when being sent through the post. These need to be packed with the right materials like bubble wrap and the e-liquids should be placed in a plastic bags in the event they leak or break.

It’s a great idea to follow up after you’ve become a vape it forward player. Remember the people you’re sending something thoughtful and helpful to like the VaporFi VOX® 60 TC Starter Kit are more than likely newbies in the vaping world. While the person that’s getting involved for the first time will certainly appreciate you’re sending them this electronic cigarette gift set, they will have more than a few questions about how to use what they find inside.

Finally, you should never assume when you’re vaping it forward that the person will know what’s in the e-liquids you’re sending their way without a detailed explanation included in the item description. We hope this intro to Vape It Forward has been helpful and that you’re ready to give it a go!