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You’ve probably heard some of the hype surrounding the ultra-popular SMOK vape brand, and want to know if whether or not SMOK is a good brand all around. The device maker has built up a pretty unshakable reputation in the vaping world, but overall they have earned their reputation by being one of the best at what they do.

What Makes SMOK Great

From their very first product launch, SMOK has become renowned for high-end tech and quality construction. SMOK mods have routinely pushed the envelope with new chipsets that offer more power, more precision, and better results. Some of their most popular vaporizers have amplified this reputation. Moreover, SMOK has put on an outstanding show when it comes to the design of their products. They have delivered some extraordinarily sleek finishes with uniquely creative elements. This makes their products stand out from the crowd. SMOK tanks and SMOK coils also highlight new technologies that have brought advanced vaping down to a level where nearly anyone can participate and enjoy the experience.

Names You’ll Recognize

If you’ve ever set foot inside of a vape shop, you’ve probably encountered SMOK products. As one of the top vape brands on the market to date, it is not uncommon to find their mods in the spotlight. Just a few short years ago; SMOK released the Alien 220W box mod. Today, the Alien is almost a household name for vapers and continues to be a top seller online and in stores. The Alien features a unique look that you can’t miss. Plus it is still benefiting from software updates from the company, unleashing new capabilities at every turn.

When it comes to tanks, you’ve probably heard about the Cloud Beast line by SMOK. Not only does the standard TFV8 Cloud Beast tank come with many of SMOK’s starter kits, but you can also choose a TFV8 Baby Beast or the TFV12 King Beast if you want something that fits your lifestyle better. All of these tanks are well known for their simple and straightforward construction, as well as the complex coil structures that they can handle with ease. Their powerful coils are credited with lasting longer and delivering cleaner, stronger flavors at every turn.

If you aren’t convinced, there are hundreds of positive reviews on nearly every product SMOK has ever released. Check out our selection of their best mods and accessories while getting an idea of which one is the best fit for you and your vaping style.