Vaping at Work Policy

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Vaping is happening everywhere. You can easily spot people using electronic cigarettes and advanced vaporizers in all varieties of public places, all the time now. But how about vaping in the workplace? Are you vaping at work? How do your employers feel about e-cigarettes being used during working hours?

For many people, their bosses are cool with vapor cigarettes being used at any time. They like that their employees are not taking excessive smoke breaks and that they are able to smoke as they want, without causing others to be inconvenienced or bothered by the smell of smoke. In other words, employers like the fact that their workers are able to concentrate on their work without having their minds on smoking. Basically, they see the benefits to electronic smoking and see the improvements in productivity while maintaining employee satisfaction; something every boss wants!

In other situations, however, superiors are not so embracing  of tobacco alternatives, and e-cigarette users have no other choice but to use the same smoking regulations as tobacco smokers. They still see electronic cigarettes as “smoking”, and regard them the same. They may acknowledge the fact that e-smoking is different, however they remain ambivalent about allowing the products to be used indoors and during work hours until more studies and research are released.

For those employers who are on the fence and considering implementing an e-smoking policy, there are a few things you should keep in mind when doing so. Here are some things to think about:

-Be certain on whether e-cigarettes will be outright banned, allowed in designated areas, etc.

-Be very clear on what is and isn’t allowed in terms of smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

-Get feedback from all employees and take it into consideration. Are there a large number of smokers in your workplace? Are there nonsmokers who are not tolerant of e-cigarettes being used indoors? Is everyone highly enthusiastic about e-cigarettes being allowed? Get an idea of where everyone stands before making decisions.

As vaporizers and electronic cigarettes become more and more popular and they become more widely accepted, it’s great to see that smokers are being given more options because of electronic cigarettes, rather than continuously losing them. The workplace certainly raises some issues, however the benefits of e-cigarettes being used in lieu of traditional cigarettes definitely has upped the ability to please all parties involved.

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