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About the Express

The VaporFi Express is the ultimate e-cig. While most e-cigs are not praised for their batteries or performance capabilities, the Express is. It is a versatile, convenient, elegant e-cig, and it echoes the size, shape, and workings of a traditional cigarette in a fantastic manner. It is known to provide a convenient level of vaping, with battery power that lasts efficiently. Unlike ordinary e-cigs, the Express is backed by advanced lithium ion technology, which provide an extended amount of lasting power. The Express Starter Kit comes with a versatile assortment of products to work with, including 1) Standard Express Battery, 1) High-Capacity Express Battery, 1) Wall Charging Adapter, and 1) USB Charger. This results in a well-stocked kit that delivers everything needed for a great experience, lots of options, and the ability to try out different sizes and products.

VaporFi Express Cartridges

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