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Consider yourself somewhat of a coffee connoisseur? You won’t be disappointed by the delicious lineup of coffee e-juice for sale from VaporFi. We’re always looking for new ways to recreate your favorite cup of joe, whether you prefer your coffee black or with a generous helping of cream and sugar.

Coffee ELiquid: It’s A Must-Have Flavor

When you’re building up your collection of vape juice flavors, there are a handful of blends that you simply can’t go without. Most vapers have at least a few solid tobacco flavors in their everyday favorites, and menthol and fruity blends are popular as well. Included these foundational vape juice flavors is coffee, a deliciously versatile blend that’s ideal for enjoying any time of day. Coffee is the vape juice flavor many vapers reach for when powering up for the first vape session of the day, awakening their senses and starting off the morning on the right foot. Just like the daily cup of coffee – or two, or three – that’s part of many people’s morning routines. Coffee vape juice makes the early hours a little easier and far more enjoyable.

Plus, coffee plays surprisingly well with other tasty flavors. We’ve mixed it with raspberry and dark chocolate in our Raspberry Mocha juice, hazelnut, and vanilla in Fancy Latte, and maple syrup and butter pecan in our Maple Pecan Latte blend. Not to be outdone, our GRND RSRV Catch Ya Latte is a top-selling blend that combines espresso, steamed milk, caramel, and hazelnut for a gourmet coffee experience that will more than satisfy your coffee craving.

Get Creative with Coffee-Inspired Flavor Creations

Here at VaporFi, we’d like to think that we have all the best coffee flavor combinations covered – but don’t let us cramp your vape style. With the DIY Vape Juice option, you can create your own unique coffee blends, perfectly suited to your personal tastes. Whether you like to keep your coffee flavor classic and traditional or want to put your special twist on your coffee vape blend, the VaporFi DIY Vape Juice tool makes designing a custom flavor simple and fun. Here are just a few suggestions for mixing it up with new coffee-inspired blends:

  • Double Espresso + Crème de la Crème: Just like a cup full of your favorite coffeehouse macchiato, this combination has a rich coffee taste with a gentle hint of creamy sweetness.
  • Java Jolt + Glazed Donut: Donuts and coffee are a time-honored tradition, making them the perfect pairing for your morning vape session.
  • Java Jolt + Sinfully Cinnamon: If you’ve never sprinkled cinnamon on top of a freshly-made latte, you’re missing out – but this vape juice combination will show you why it’s a flavor match made in heaven.
  • Double Espresso + Caramel Tobacco RY4: Smooth, sweet, and distinctly delicious, this blend of coffee, caramel, and tobacco will surely become a staple in your vape flavor lineup.

Why Buy Coffee-Flavored E Juice from VaporFi

When it comes to popular vape juice flavors, there’s no doubt that coffee is near the top of the list – which means you have plenty of options when it comes to shopping for coffee e-liquids. But instead of trying your luck with vape juice from other online retailers, stick with VaporFi for the ultimate in quality ingredients and unparalleled flavor. We use top-rated nicotine and incorporate only the very best in above-food grade ingredients. Our expert team formulates e-liquids with a focus on flavor and vapor, ensuring that you’ll be satisfied every single time. Check out our selection of coffee e-juices and find your newest java-inspired favorite today.