Coffee Vape Juices

Are you in a rush during your Monday morning commute? With these incredible vapes you won't even have to worry about making a detour to the nearest coffee shop.

First out of the gate is VaporFi’s renowned Raspberry Mocha. This collectible flavor comes with special packaging and plenty of fanfare. What happens when you take a strong, earthy mocha flavor and add just a little bit of syrupy raspberry sweetness? You’ll love the buzz you get from this one.

If that doesn’t make a strong first impression, perhaps you’ll love the Fancy Latte Vape Juice that comes with a hint of hazelnut and French vanilla. However, if you’re one of those traditional, bitter coffee types, you’re in luck. The Double Espresso is the perfect vape juice for you.

Feel like something’s missing? Good news! VaporFi allows you to double up on flavor shots or customize your vape with a little bit of peppermint, chocolate or even nutmeg! Whatever you love about your morning joe, you can recreate with VaporFi’s e-liquid selection. There’s so much more here than meets the eye!

But what about the quality, you ask? Well, VaporFi is proud to use top-rated nicotine and glycerin as well as better-than-food-grade flavorings. All of their liquids are produced in an FDA-registered lab that also exceeds cGMP standards.

All of this goes to say that you’ll never have to worry about getting poor quality liquids from us.

Just scroll back up and see which one of our coffee flavors calls out to you and then get to customizing it with your preferred nicotine level and any extra flavor shots that will get the job done. We’ll be here for you, morning, noon or night to give you that extra little boost of energy you're needing.