WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

There are several reasons that some people choose to use a nicotine free vape. Whether you enjoy the flavors and technology of nicotine free vapes or are in the final stages of stopping smoking, nicotine-free vape juice and no nic vapes are the perfect solution. 

Although vape juice typically contains less nicotine than cigarettes, many people still want to change their nicotine levels. Our non-nicotine vape juice and nicotine free vapes are  available in a wide variety of vape juice flavors, including Strawberry Cheesecake and Double Espresso and who could forget about our Mighty Menthol? So scale down your nicotine strength and explore zero nicotine vape options today.

Why Vape Juice with No Nicotine?

One of the biggest challenges of overcoming cigarette addiction is changing the physical behavior, not the chemical one. For many people, it is not the nicotine that keeps them returning to smoking. It’s not knowing what to do with your  free time or hands when not holding a cigarette! 

By switching to a no nicotine vape, you can replace that habit with something far less harmful. At the same time, your body adjusts without having to disrupt the physical pattern of having something in your hand or mouth, allowing a non-nicotine vape to serve as the perfect substitute. 

Vapes with no nicotine have proven very successful for people trying to give up cigarettes. 

Non-Nicotine Vapes with All the Flavors You Love

The good news is that most vape juice manufacturers know the need for no-nicotine e-liquid and vapes with no nicotine. Every flavor you enjoy is available in nicotine and zero nicotine vape e-liquid varieties. As you wean your way off nicotine, you will be able to reach a final destination that is free of nicotine altogether while sticking to the same flavor of non-nicotine vape or juice. 

You also won't have to worry about having a limited range of no nic vape juice flavors available. Thousands of e-liquid flavors are available without nicotine and with varying glycol/vegetable glycerin ratios. This includes desserts, fruits, beverages, and everything in between! 

You can vape your favorite traditional tobacco flavors without nicotine. 

Vape Guilt-Free With Nicotine-Free Vape Pens

Aside from giving up cigarettes, some people find that vapes with no nicotine also provide some therapeutic benefits. For example, it can replace cravings for cake and cookies with something that contains zero calories. This can help you stick to your diet. In addition, you may choose nicotine-free vapes to enjoy the smells and vape juice flavors that remind you of happy times. 

You don't need nicotine for nostalgia to do its work.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to vape with a no nicotine vape, know that millions of people out there are with you on your journey. For this reason, nicotine-free vape juice, 0mg vape nicotine salts, and no nic vapes are three  of the fastest-growing categories in the vape juice world.