WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Melon Vape Juices

When is the last time you had an incredible melon vape juice that you just had to tell everybody about? That’s about to change! With VaporFi’s luscious selection of fresh melon vape juice flavors you’re sure to find something to love. Sweet, juicy watermelon will leave you aching for more, and our creative Melon candy is a light cotton candy vape that will take you back to days at the fair, and we definitely couldn’t leave out a melon and blue raspberry twist.
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Set Descending Direction

When you’re craving the sweet, fruity flavor of summertime bliss, there’s nothing better than enjoying your favorite melon-flavored vape juices. Imagine biting into that perfect slice of juicy, ripe melon, but in vapor form – talk about a vape experience straight out of paradise.

Melon: The Ultimate Anytime Flavor

Melon-flavored vape juice is a must in any ejuice collection, especially because it’s one of the most versatile flavors out there. There’s no wrong time to top off your tank with a melon-inspired flavor, whether you’re powering up for a vape session at work, at home, or out on the road. With just a few puffs, you’ll instantly be transported back to your favorite summertime memories, no matter what’s going on outside your world of delicious, fluffy vapor clouds. A melon eliquid is enjoyable first thing in the morning, as a midday refresher, or even as a late-night treat – no matter when you’re vaping, you can’t go wrong with a premium melon ejuice from VaporFi.

Mix it Up with Melon Vape Juice

The taste of perfectly ripe melon pairs exceptionally with a wide variety of other flavors, from tropical fruits and icy menthol to sugary sweet candy. Go traditional with Watermelon Wave, an eliquid packed with pure, powerful watermelon flavor, or try our Yes We Cantaloupe vape juice for a unique e-juice that tastes exactly like a slice of fresh cantaloupe.

There are also plenty of melon-centric options that show just how nicely melon plays with other flavors. Melon Berry Razz serves up a contrast of sweet and tart flavors by combining watermelon and fresh berries, while Melon Candy is a VaporFi customer creation that blends watermelon, cantaloupe, and cotton candy. Prefer to enjoy your favorite melon flavors in the form of an icy-cold beverage? Fruit Freeze mixes watermelon and raspberry with invigorating menthol, Watermelon Mojito recreates a favorite summertime cocktail, and Strawmelon Lemonade tastes just like a tall glass of your grandma’s famous lemonade.

And of course, you can’t miss out on treating yourself to VaporFi’s GRND RSRV premium blends, which are expertly crafted for a next-level vape experience. Discover the GRND RSRV difference with melon-flavored blends including Maui Menthol, Pineapple Pow, and Island Frost, each one hitting all the right fruity notes.

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Give your vape juice collection the sweet, juicy boost it needs with premium melon-flavored juices from VaporFi today!