shortcake bites slushie vaporfi sampler

So, what’s the dealio? Our Deal of the Week, of course, and this time it’s a fabulous one! We hope you’re ready for some great savings on some of our most popular liquids. It’s a whole lotta yum comin’ at you, and this is a flavor threeway that will have you rejoicing! The theme of this collection is all about rock-your-world flavor with a cool twist; it’s almost summer after all, and the temperatures are definitely rising! So this is your chance to cool off with some smokin’ flavor: the 90 ml VaporFi Bites, Slushie, and Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sampler will be deliciously priced at 10% off, this week only, so start shopping, start saving, and get ready to have these life-changing liquids in your tank. You only live once, and we say indulge!

The VaporFi Shortcake, Bites & Slushie Juice Sampler (90ML) is one of our most popular e-juices, offering some of the finest flavors in the e-liquid market, all in one nice gift set. This collection of liquids was put together to highlight some of our proudest achievements, as these flavors were crafted by top e-liquid experts. Far from the ordinary assortment of vape juice available, the juices in this collection are experiences in and of themselves! If you’re looking for something new, or are currently a fan of these extraordinary juices, try this sampler out today!

The VaporFi Shortcake, Bites & Slushie Juice Sampler (90ML) consists of three ultra-fine flavors, as the name suggests. If you have yet to experience them, here is a look at each one, and why you will want to experience their awesomeness ASAP!

VaporFi Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

Remember when you were growing up, and spent summer afternoons chasing down the ice cream truck, then savoring strawberry shortcake ice cream bars? Well this flavor flashes back to that other-worldly experience, and allows you to relive the sensation of smooth, sweet strawberries, covered in vanilla ice cream, with that sensational cake-crumble added in there for just the right effect. Deliciousness, exactly the way you remember it! And, just for added reassurance about how great this flavor is, it was done in collaboration with Cosmic Fog, who crafted it. If you’re familiar with their liquid offerings, you know anything they make is exceptional, and this flavor hits the nail on the head in precisely the best way possible.

VaporFi Bites Vanilla Caramel

Heaven in an e-liquid flavor. It was created to offer that sensational, smooth, mouth-watering pleasure captured only from the best kind of ice cream sundae. It takes the sensational flavors of vanilla bean ice cream and rich caramel, and spins them together for a dynamic duo that will leave you with the most enjoyable experience as rich vanilla and caramel dance upon your tastebuds. Or something like that. Suffice it to say, it’s freaking delicious if rich caramel and vanilla ice cream are your thing.

VaporFi Very Berry Slushie

Delivers the essence of a smooth and flavor-poppin e-liquid, and doubles to cool you off with its intense combination of flavors. It’s loaded with ripe, tangy berries, sweetened up with the unmistakable flavor of watermelon, and then offers a major chill effect with the addition of cool, creamy colada; it’s as heavenly as it sounds, and if your idea of a cool beverage is none other than a giant slushie in your hands, keep that sensation going all summer long with this flavor in your vape tank. Slushie-flavored clouds are unreal!

Summer is right upon us, and we want to kick it off right with a bold blast of cool, refreshing flavors, so get your hands on the 90ml VaporFi Shortcake, Bites & Slushie Juice Sampler today while it’s on special as our Deal of the Week. Nothing tastes more like summer than rich, delectable ice cream and slushies, so stay prepared: this sampler set offers so much flavor packed into one 90ml collection, you will be vaping clouds of epic- and delicious proportions, and we hope you enjoy![fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Gianna Del Monte is the Brand Manager at VaporFi. She has been in the vaping industry since June 2015 and has extensive experience in successfully managing and marketing a variety of new vapor product launches. Originally from New Jersey, Gianna has lived in the Miami area for the last 5 years.