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E-Cig Juice – Find the Best Match for your Taste Buds

Find the Best Match for your Taste Buds
E-Liquid Flavorings

People aren’t perfect, but who says your nicotine liquid can’t be? Perfect your e-cigarette experience with vapor juice flavors from VaporFi.

E-juice may only be made up of a small handful of ingredients (liquid nicotine, PG or VG, and added flavor), but don’t let that fool you into thinking there isn’t much to making a great blend. In reality, there’s a science behind coming up with the best quality e-juice that offers both rich, thick flavor and big vapor production.

Anyone who says otherwise obviously doesn’t understand the process….

In fact, that is exactly the problem with most of the popular e-cigarette brands—they don’t take e-juice seriously enough.

While these manufacturers may make high performing electronic cigarettes, they generally don’t offer much variety in terms of e-juice flavors.

To that, we ask: What’s the point?

Even the most durable electronic cigarette in the world will not catch on if users don’t like the taste of the e-cig juice, or if it’s made with inferior ingredients

At VaporFi, we have but one primary objective: to help you find your perfect e-cig juice. It’s a tall order, we know. You have probably been searching for that “holy grail” of juice flavors from the moment you got started on e-cigs.

Luckily, we know we are completely up to the challenge through our enormous assortment of over 30,000 custom flavor combinations.

Find the best e-cig juice flavor to suit your unique taste…..

Each e-cig user has their own unique likes and dislikes when it comes to how they want their e-cigarette to taste. For instance, one person may be partial to dessert or fruit-flavored e-juice, while another person can’t stand sweetness in their e-cigarette and solely sticks with tobacco blends.

Or, even more common is someone who likes to switch out between different types of flavors, depending on what they are craving.

With so many different taste preferences and smoking styles, an electronic cigarette supplier who wishes to make each and every one of their customers happy must match such diversity with an equal amount of options to choose from.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done here at VaporFi.


Not only do our childproof bottles come chock full with 30ml of custom e-juice hand-picked by you, but our premium ingredients are the best in the biz to boot! We’re talking:

  • Kosher-grade
  • Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) approved (better than food grade)
  • FDA registered
  • Diacetyl-free juice sourced strictly from the Malaysian Palm
  • Nicotine liquid mixed right here at home in the U.S.A.

Buy your custom e-cig juice online today. Or, if you are in the neighborhood, we’d love to see you at one of our 8 brick and mortar stores scattered around Central and South Florida where you can create a flavor for your e-cig and see our “Vapologists” at work!

We invite you to stop on by and give it a try, or continue browsing our blog and learning center for more information about vapor juice and electronic cigarettes.

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