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Juice Up Your E-Cigarette with Flavored Liquid Nicotine from VaporFi

Juice Up Your E-Cigarette
E-Liquid Flavorings

Do you even juice? E-juice, that is. Get the best flavor from your e-cigarette

Juicing is all the rage these days. Fruits, veggies, protein powders—you name it and people are throwing it in a blender and turning it into a smoothie in order to get thin, healthy and fit. But not all ingredients taste great (or even good) when mixed together. Creating a tasty blend ultimately boils down to the ingredients—something we at VaporFi take seriously.

When it comes to e-cigarettes, buying inferior e-juice is a mistake many beginning vapor smokers make. On top of having a bland or plain taste, poorly made nicotine juice goes bad sooner and tastes burnt when vaped. Also, most e-cigarette brands sell pre-filled cartridges or a small selection of flavors, causing vapers to get quickly bored with the generic mixtures.

This is where VaporFi comes in…


Why Our E-Juice Rocks

As you can tell, we do things differently than most e-cigarette companies. First off, we believe the measure of an e-cigarette lies in the quality of its eliquid, and we're especially proud of our products which are made with the strictest manufacturing standards in the industry. But we don't just brag about being the best in the biz—we prove it in how we make our custom e-juice blends and what we make them with.

For example, here's what you can expect from each and every bottle of VaporFi nicotine juice:

  • Kosher Grade - Our e-juice base consists of USP Grade Kosher ingredients.
  • Top-Rated Glycerin - While glycerin can be produced from any number of agents, ours is exclusively harvested from the Malaysian Palm by only the best-rated producers, so peanut allergies are never an issue.
  • Formulas FDA Registered - All of our formulas are on file with the FDA, so they know exactly what we're up to.
  • Better than Food-Grade - Our flavored products are specifically engineered to be inhaled and are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approved, which is a step beyond “food grade.”.
  • Diacetyl-Free - All VaporFi e-liquids are diacetyl-free, so there's no fake butter flavor here!

In addition to our fully equipped e-cigarette starter kits, we offer a virtually endless variety of top quality custom e-juice. Plus, all of our liquid nicotine is 100% American, so you know you are only buying premium-grade ingredients.

In other words, if you want e-juice that's generic, bland and ill-performing, then you should probably look somewhere else.

Best of all, obtaining our high-grade nicotine juice is quick and easy! It works like this:

  • You select one, two, or three flavors or double shots
  • One of our expert “vapologists” creates your custom blend in our FDA registered lab
  • Your eliquid gets shipped right to your doorstep through our home delivery program or you can stop by one of our brick and mortar locations scattered around Central and South Florida.

We love e-juicing! If you do too, then we invite you to browse through our site to see what we have to offer.

Here at VaporFi, we've got literally thousands of flavor combinations, so create you're very own custom e-juice or pick your favorite flavor from our top e-juice blends.

We also invite you to learn more about e-juicing, nicotine liquid and smokeless cigarettes by visiting our blog and learning center today!

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Why Our e-Liquid Rocks
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